Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crib Bumpers and Coffee!

I guess this is what I look like! (minus the tutu pajamas!) Drinking coffee and talking on the phone. Alli said that they were pretending to be mommy!!!

This is why we keep our crib bumpers on forever!! I thought she was so cute to fall asleep like this.

I am thankful to be warm and cozy inside my house during this ice storm. The kids are keeping Kyle and I totally entertained!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Someone likes to be an only child!!!

Last weekend my parents kept Emery one night so we could take the older two to eat dinner and go to the movie theater. They said she was so funny because she got all of the attention!! We had a good time with the older two but when we were eating dinner they just kept saying that they missed "the baby"!!! We thought it was so sweet. Emery really does LOVE her sissy and brother but I don't think she missed them all that much!!!

Tonight Hunter and Alli stayed the night with my parents so we had Emery all by herself! She LOVED it!!! We got to ride in Daddy's car, eat dinner & go shopping for new shoes! Her foot is finally growing a little bit. She was soooo funny and very social. Everywhere we went she would tell people "HI!" It really is fun to have that one on one time!!!

She is definitely our little pumpkin!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A girly twirly BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!

Wow, I simply cannot believe my Alli is 4!!! 4 years ago today(Jan. 19th 2006) this precious girl came into the world. There hasn't been a day since that my life has been dull! Alli is more of a girly girl than I could have ever imagined . She acts very old for her age(4 going on 16)! A few of the things I love about Alli at this age are........

~She is very bossy!

~She is very animated when she talks(such as using her hands and working those big blue eyes!)

~She is a little singer! Wow...she sings so much and loves it!(she reminds me of myself at her age)

~She likes to pretend anything and everything all day long!

~She is very affectionate!

~She loves all of her little friends and is VERY social!!!

~She loves clothes, jewelry and shoes!

~She likes to take pictures and pose for pictures!

~She loves everyone in our family so much (grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles etc.)

~She loves to take her new purple Bible to church every Sunday and sit on the front row.

~ She loves her brother and sister and thinks she is in charge of them.(even her older brother.)

~She is totally a daddy's girl but still LOOOVES to be with her mommy all day long!

~Her latest interest is Ballet and that is why we had an "Alli Ballerina" birthday party on Sunday !!!

Alli had a great time at her party. We did all the girly things that Alli loves to do!!! The colors were pink and purple (her favs)

The Birthday Table!

My aunt Donna bought Alli her bitty baby doll when she was born, so every B-day and Christmas she gets her stuff for her doll!

This birthday she got a Tutu for baby Emma!

Me and my birthday girl!

Aunt Whitney and Alli!

Alli with my Aunt Donna!

Alli loves her Baba(my mom) so much! They have the same middle name.

Alli and Ari (her friend from preschool!)

Alli and her cousin Lauren.

Alli and Ally!!!

Alli getting ready to get her make-up done!

Aunt MayMay helping out in the make-up room!

The nail salon!! (in Hunters room, HA!!)

Alli and Mary Kate showing off their nails!!

Dancing away!!!

Playing pass the Ballet slipper.

Time to sing to the Birthday Girl!!!

Yummy cupcakes and cookies!!!


Opening the precious doll clothes my MIL (her grandma) made!

Grandma and Emery!

The girls all wearing the Tutu's we gave them as a party favor!!

The Tutu girls watching Barbie Swan Lake!!!

Alli asked Baba and Papi for Lanie, the new American Girl and guess what......

SHE GOT IT!!! (a little spoiled i think!!)

Alli Cristina, you are one loved little girl! We love you so much and I thank God every day for the privilege of being your Mommy!!! Happy 4Th Birthday!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New glasses!!!

Well....we figured that since it is a new year, Hunter should get some new Glasses! He has been wearing glasses for a little over a year now. As you can imagine a six year old can be very hard on his glasses!! We decided it was time to get him 2 new pair.

Daddy and Hunter looking at all the options!!!

This is the first pair he chose! (not sure what face he is making!!)

This pair is my FAVORITE!! I know I am biased but I think he is sooo cute in this pair!
He looks just like his daddy!!!

We shall see how long these last!!! I hope for a while!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A VERY WHITE Christmas!

Wow..... we had a VERY WHITE Christmas!! This most certainly is a Christmas we will remember forever!!
One of my NEW YEARS resolutions is to blog more. I cannot even begin to post everything we have done over the last month! Next year I am going to post after each event and then I might be able to catch up!!! Anyways, I decided to share a few highlights of the days surrounding Christmas! (basically our family celebrations!) Thankfully my dad has a BIG 4wheel drive truck so he could drive us around in the blizzard!!! We ended up staying the night with my parents on Christmas eve so we would not have to get out again in the snow storm. Even though that was not "my plan" it ended up working out great!! I had to realize that traditions do not really matter as long as we are celebrating the birth of our SAVIOR!!!

This was at church the Sunday before Christmas.

Getting ready to go to Grandmas!! (we had Christmas with Kyle's family on the 23rd) We had so much fun. The kids love to play with their cousins!!!

OH DEAR......I see cheer leading in my future!!!

These three were born the same year. Hunter, Ella & Jonah!

Our Christmas eve service was cancelled so we just went to my sisters house on Christmas eve! This was after we made it there safely! It was unreal how many cars were stuck!

Emery LOVES Papi so much!!!

Alli and my cousin Macey!

This is my dad with his "grand puppies"! (my sisters dogs) Yes, these huge dogs are STILL puppies!

Cookies for Santa and food for the reindeer!

Getting ready to read the Christmas Story!

I can't remember the last time we got to play in snow on CHRISTMAS!!!


Hunter and his long awaited Nintendo DS! He was beyond excited!!!

My sweet sister bought me my first COACH purse! I was pretty excited too!!!

Alli and her new American Girl Doll , KIT!

We had a wonderful Christmas and we are Blessed beyond words! It is my prayer that my family can be a blessing to others in the New Year!!!