Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Stewart Infirmary!

What do I do with these sick kids?!! I have to say we are so blessed to have healthy children most of the time. I am not used to taking care of little sickies! I knew that Hunter and Alli were not acting like themselves on Wednesday night and they have been going downhill since then. I finally took both of them to the doctor yesterday morning. They did very well but they both have strep throat and a lot of congestion. Alli has a horrible cough and a fever. Needless to say they are in sad shape!! Like I said, we have not done this sick thing very much. For that I am very thankful. When I went to drop off their prescription yesterday Alli was not even in the system. She will be 3 on Monday and this is her first antibiotic! That is a good thing since it is absolute torture to get her to take her medicine. That is the reason for her giant Hello Kitty earrings that you see in the picture. We had to do some bribing!! Thankfully Hunter has done great with taking his. (He is such the big 5 year old!) Hopefully everyone will feel better soon! I HOPE!!!

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