Monday, February 23, 2009

High School Musical....starring BATMAN!

Last night Hunter came into the living room with his Batman pj's on and his Batman mask. He asked me if I would take a picture of him standing on the chair.

In his first pose he wanted to show his muscles!

His next pose he wanted to look like he was flying!

I tried my best on this one! He took his mask off and wanted me to take a picture of him doing a pose from High School Musical 3(Hunter and Alli's newest obsession!). You know, the pose at the end where they all jump in the air!
This is what he thinks Troy looks like!

This is Alli posing just because she wanted to do what Hunter was doing!

You gotta love all their great ideas!!!


zum the mum said...

We LOVE High School Musical at our house too!!! So fun! Your kids are too cute...and quite creative!

Jenn said...

Hey girl! Your kids are beautiful! I got your link from Katie's blog. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well!