Monday, July 13, 2009

I Can't Believe She is ONE!!!

I really cannot believe our sweet baby girl is ONE! This past year has gone by way to fast! Emery has been a delight since the day she was born. Everyone in this house is CRAZY about her!!! This past Saturday we celebrated Emery Blair Stewart's first Birthday. We had a wonderful time with family and friends!! We had the party Saturday morning so we had brunch type foods. We had breakfast casserole, sausage roll ups, fruit, coffee punch, fruit punch, strawberry cupcakes, and the yummiest chocolate chip cake ever!!!! Emery is petite but loves herself some food!!! She ate soooo much that day! Here are some pics from her party!!!
*Uncle Chris & aunt Lindsay had to leave the morning of her party so they came the night before to give her a gift!

*She was not sure what to think of the curly ribbon!

*Hunter and Alli went to greet Emery when she woke up on her Birthday!

*She is playing with her new little tea set!

*This was the birthday table! Can you tell the color theme?!!!

*She is all ready for the party to begin!!!

*This is our traditional family shot!!

*Uncle Mike and Aunt Whitney love baby Emery!!!

*She is very serious about her new swing!!!

*Emery LOOOVES her Baba and Papi!

*Kyle and Papi in front of the swing set they worked so hard on to get set up before the party!

*Emery with her sweet cousin Brenna!

*Present time!!!

*Happy Birthday to Emery!!!
*"I'm just going to lean in and take a big bite!"
*Yummy pink cake with chocolate icing!!!

*Me and the Birthday Girl!!!

*SOOOO thirsty after all that cake!!!!

We love you so much Emery Blair. You are a joy to so many!!! We are blessed beyond words to have you in our lives!!!! You are a wonderful gift from God, and we treasure you so much!!!

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Jenn said...

She's beautiful Lindsey! (as is her big brother and sister!!) Time does fly!!!!