Monday, August 24, 2009

My Baby Boy is in Kindergarten!

Last Thursday was my baby boy's first day of kindergarten! I cannot believe how big he is. It seems like it was just the other day that he was born. I am so proud of Hunter! He is such a sweet boy. Alli, Emery and I miss him while he is gone all day but I know he is having a great time and learning so much. He is loving the cafeteria and really loving recess!!

This is Hunter at "meet the teacher!"

He wanted to show Alli the cafeteria!

It sure is early to be waking up!!!

Hunter is all ready to go!

Posing with his sisters before we leave!

Just one last hug!!!

Hunter and his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Autrey

Already hard at work!

Emery is still sleepy but it time to pick brother up!

I found Hunter happy as can be!

Alli is glad to be taking him home!
As sad as it is to see your first baby grow up, I guess it just has to happen! I have been so blessed to be at home with him the first 5 years of his life and now it is time to let go!(at least a little bit, even if it is just to Kindergarten!)

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zum the mum said...

But letting go is so hard! I'm with you, it feels like they should still be sweet little babies going for a ride in the wagon! He is precious!