Saturday, September 5, 2009

Off to Preschool!!!!!

This week was our first week back to preschool! When I say "0ur", I mean ME and the Girls! Last year I took the year off teaching music since Emery was a newborn. This year I started at a new Preschool that is 2 days instead of 3. It is just perfect! Even better is the fact that I teach half day and then I have a little alone time while Alli and Emery finish their day at school. We had a great first week and the girls LOVE their teachers! Emery did not even look back when I dropped her off. To tell you the truth she wasn't even all that excited when I picked her up! I guess she is miss independent!!! Miss busy body even slept on her nap mat! ( I am very impressed with her teachers for that one. She is only 13 months and has always slept in a crib!!) We are looking forward to a fun year. Here are some pics of the first day.

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