Monday, January 18, 2010

A girly twirly BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!

Wow, I simply cannot believe my Alli is 4!!! 4 years ago today(Jan. 19th 2006) this precious girl came into the world. There hasn't been a day since that my life has been dull! Alli is more of a girly girl than I could have ever imagined . She acts very old for her age(4 going on 16)! A few of the things I love about Alli at this age are........

~She is very bossy!

~She is very animated when she talks(such as using her hands and working those big blue eyes!)

~She is a little singer! Wow...she sings so much and loves it!(she reminds me of myself at her age)

~She likes to pretend anything and everything all day long!

~She is very affectionate!

~She loves all of her little friends and is VERY social!!!

~She loves clothes, jewelry and shoes!

~She likes to take pictures and pose for pictures!

~She loves everyone in our family so much (grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles etc.)

~She loves to take her new purple Bible to church every Sunday and sit on the front row.

~ She loves her brother and sister and thinks she is in charge of them.(even her older brother.)

~She is totally a daddy's girl but still LOOOVES to be with her mommy all day long!

~Her latest interest is Ballet and that is why we had an "Alli Ballerina" birthday party on Sunday !!!

Alli had a great time at her party. We did all the girly things that Alli loves to do!!! The colors were pink and purple (her favs)

The Birthday Table!

My aunt Donna bought Alli her bitty baby doll when she was born, so every B-day and Christmas she gets her stuff for her doll!

This birthday she got a Tutu for baby Emma!

Me and my birthday girl!

Aunt Whitney and Alli!

Alli with my Aunt Donna!

Alli loves her Baba(my mom) so much! They have the same middle name.

Alli and Ari (her friend from preschool!)

Alli and her cousin Lauren.

Alli and Ally!!!

Alli getting ready to get her make-up done!

Aunt MayMay helping out in the make-up room!

The nail salon!! (in Hunters room, HA!!)

Alli and Mary Kate showing off their nails!!

Dancing away!!!

Playing pass the Ballet slipper.

Time to sing to the Birthday Girl!!!

Yummy cupcakes and cookies!!!


Opening the precious doll clothes my MIL (her grandma) made!

Grandma and Emery!

The girls all wearing the Tutu's we gave them as a party favor!!

The Tutu girls watching Barbie Swan Lake!!!

Alli asked Baba and Papi for Lanie, the new American Girl and guess what......

SHE GOT IT!!! (a little spoiled i think!!)

Alli Cristina, you are one loved little girl! We love you so much and I thank God every day for the privilege of being your Mommy!!! Happy 4Th Birthday!!!