Saturday, January 23, 2010

Someone likes to be an only child!!!

Last weekend my parents kept Emery one night so we could take the older two to eat dinner and go to the movie theater. They said she was so funny because she got all of the attention!! We had a good time with the older two but when we were eating dinner they just kept saying that they missed "the baby"!!! We thought it was so sweet. Emery really does LOVE her sissy and brother but I don't think she missed them all that much!!!

Tonight Hunter and Alli stayed the night with my parents so we had Emery all by herself! She LOVED it!!! We got to ride in Daddy's car, eat dinner & go shopping for new shoes! Her foot is finally growing a little bit. She was soooo funny and very social. Everywhere we went she would tell people "HI!" It really is fun to have that one on one time!!!

She is definitely our little pumpkin!!