Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is the Easter bunny real?!!!!

Okay, yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby with Hunter. We were getting some Easter stuff so we were talking about Easter. This is how our conversation went.....

Hunter. "Mom, is the Easter bunny even real?"

Me. "What do you think?"

Hunter. " I think it is just a person dressed up in a rabbit costume and he probably lives in sunny California!"

I just started cracking up. Where did the sunny California thing come from?!!! Anyways, it turned out to be a really good conversation about Easter. We talked about Jesus loving us so much that He died for us. Then we talked about the Resurrection. He already knew the story but he is so much more interested now! I love it !!! Hunter has such a mind for learning every detail and such a sweet and tender heart. I pray that he continues to want to learn about the things that ARE REAL!

(I just had to ad this cute pic of Hunter at my sisters wedding!)

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