Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back from the Mountains!!!

Okay, I am a week behind in posting this! Better late than never...right?!!! My Brother and sister in law moved to Colorado Springs a few months ago. Kyle and I took the kids on a trip to visit for Fall Break. We had such a fun time!!! We did lots of stuff in the few days that we were there so there are LOTS of pictures in this post! I just couldn't leave anything out!!!

Emery was thinking this could be a good trip if she keeps getting to steal her sisters Sprite!!

Aunt Lindsay had been here to visit so she rode to Colorado with us!(Bless her heart!)

We stopped in Amarillo Texas the first night! The kids were refreshed and ready to go the next day!

We finally arrived in Colorado Springs that late afternoon. Hunter and Alli were so happy there were bunk beds!!

My little Emery was happy to be out of the car!!

When we got there the kids were SOOO Happy to see uncle Chris!

We did a little shopping in a really pretty out door mall.

We went to dinner at the yummiest hamburger place ever!

"Five Guys Burgers and Fries" we love you!!!

The next day we got up and went to the Focus on the Family institute! They have the most Awesome kids area ever!!!

Alli in front of the airplane tunnels!

Hunter coming down from the 3 story slide!

They even had the closet doors that opened to NARNIA!

Kyle, hunter and Alli dressed up in their "Odyssey" costumes!

Alli thought that doing a puppet show with Chris was really cool!

Our family of five!

Then we headed over to the awesome Colorado Springs Zoo!

Hunter got to feed the Giraffes!

It was so cool to see the Giraffes so close up!!

Alli, however did not think the Giraffes were that cool when they were so close!

Hunter loved being so close to everything! He is quite the animal Lover!!!

On our way out we had to see the Giraffes again!

Everyone needed some popcorn and lemonade!!

The next day we went to a beautiful park so Chris and Lindsay could take pics of us for our Christmas cards!

Emery would swing all day if we let her.

Having so much fun!!!

After the park we drove to Denver to go to a really cool mall!

They had the BIGGEST fireplace I have ever seen in the middle of their food court!

Alli LOVES to try on shoes! even if they are way to big!!!


My brother was sitting the back of the van with the kids! It was really funny!

Emery lovin herself some Popsicle!

SOOO tired after a long day!

Alli loves to snuggle Aunt Lindsay!

Saturday we hung out all day and then we went to Sat. night church!

My Brother is the Student life pastor at Mt. Springs Church and he wanted me to help lead worship for his Youth Service!

This is my brother preaching! He did such an awesome job! I am so proud of the Godly man he has become.

Me and my sweet hubby!

Emery got to eat Spaghetti all by herself for dinner!

Alli fell asleep while aunt Lindsay was painting her toe nails!

We were sad to leave but the girls needed to run off some energy before our 12 hour trip home!!

The kids grew especially fond of "Lad the dog" and were trying to tell him goodbye!

We had such a good trip! We can't wait to do it again!!! If only we could skip the long drive!!! We love you uncle Chris and aunt Lindsay! We can't wait to see you again!!!

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momof4kr said...

Everytime I see your family posts it gives me flashbacks to our past. You are at such a WONDERFUL time in your life...cherish every moment!
And WOWSER - you've got the girls dressed to the NINES!!!!! I LOVE IT! :)