Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. Soccer

This is Hunter's second year to play soccer and it is amazing how much he has grown and changed since last year! He has played 4 games so far and is having a great time!! I don't know much about soccer but I do know that Hunter has scored 5 GOALS so far!!! He seems to think that it is pretty cool!

Getting ready for his first game!

This last Saturday it was FREEZING outside! I thought there would be a rule about five year olds not playing soccer when it was that cold! HA!

Hunter was super excited that his "doggie cousin" came to watch! This is Hunter with Sampson.

I am such a girly girl but I sure do love to watch my boy doing the things he loves! He melts my heart!!!

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momof4kr said...

I love watching my boy play soccer too! :)
p.s. Hunter's uniform is WAY COOLER than ours! LOVE that cool crest on it!