Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time For Tea!!!!

Today was an exciting day for us! It was Alli and Emery's first time to go to a Tea Room. My brothers wife (aunt Lindsay) is in town from Colorado and wanted to take the girls to Inspiration's Tea Room. We met Lindsay, Kristen(Lindsay's twin) and Kelly (Lindsay's mom). It was lots of fun and the Girls had a great time!!! I took lots of pictures!!!

Sister Love!!!! I love it!

The Girls are all dressed and ready to go!

Here we are!!!

Alli wanted to take a pic of me and Emery! I was trying to contain her so she would not break all the Tea sets! HA!!

Alli with Aunt Lindsay. Alli misses her sooo much and has been really excited to see her!

These cute little(yummy) heart shape scones were on the table when sat down!

Emery could not wait to try it out!!

Obviously she LOOOVED it!

The group shot!

Alli got the "princess Ashley" lunch!

It was the cutest thing ever!!!

This was my yummy lunch! This tea room is Christian owned so every meal comes with a Bible verse card on it! It is so great!!!

What is better than a pink cupcake?!!!

Alli was sitting on Kristin's lap. I think she came down off her sugar high!!

Emery wanted to hold this doll that was as big as she was!!

Me and my girlies!!!

Me and my funny little Alli who is such a girly girl!
I always dreamed of the day when I would be able to take my girls to do stuff like this! It is even better than I imagined! I am one BLESSED Mommy.

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